My company is vetting Annett Forcier and she provided your name as a reference. I was wondering if you could tell me about your experience working with her

Annett’s work has always exceeded expectations. Code is well-designed and also thoroughly-commented to enable us to review and tweak if desired. I’m often impressed by how fast she responds or turns around deliverables for our projects. Annett and I had the pleasure of working together at Hootsuite and she was intimately familiar with it then. And as evidenced by our active projects with her now, she’s still very much that.

I really enjoy working with Annett. She’s an expert in her field, which makes her insights, feedback and guidance in our projects invaluable. I am currently wrapping one project and simultaneously kicking off another with her next week, so yes very likely. J

Kevin Martin
Senior Manager, Marketing Programs at Absolute Software

March 2019

I refer to Annett as my "email coding guru". She's so good, that I asked her to spend 2 days with my designers to teach them email coding best practices. 

Annett is one of the best coders I've worked with. We hired  her on a freelance basis via a referral. She quickly integrated with our team on several projects - like she was one of our own. Our team really enjoyed working with her, and learned a ton. Her HTML is stellar and she actually fixed some of our code. 


Annett was very responsive and delivered her work on time. She was able to deliver best in class Marketo email templates for us and made recommendations on how we can optimize/edit existing templates. 

Annett was an absolute joy to work with. She's super knowledgeable and very candid, which I appreciate. Our team very much enjoys working with her as well. We highly recommend her. 

Nadia Milani
Digital Marketing Manager at Grand and Toy

March 2019

Annett and I worked together at Indochino and also briefly at Payfirma. Her work, graphic design, email development and front end development. As email marketer I worked closely with her on graphic design and email development. 

I can very safely say Annett was the best email programmer I’ve ever worked with through my various roles in email marketing and marketing operations. Plugging her development and design skills into my marketing automation systems we were able to segment measurably and successfully by device to achieve many marketing goals – one notable instance was consistently selling $1000 suits through an iPhone 6. 

Annett saved our team time by building email templates that automatically pulled product images from our website. Previously designers were cropping each product individually. Her work cut the time in building an email in half, which let us profitably segment communicates between FTBs and repeat buyers. 

Annett amazingly made emails in a Gmail app on an android or iPhone react as if they were responsive in the iPhone native app. Changing aspect on the device could make 1 column become 2, or 3, or really whatever I asked for depending on the design of the promotion. Her secrets will remain with me to the grave, such that you can only unlock her powers by hiring her services. 

Jordan Gordon
Marketing Operations Manager - Payfirma Corp (former)

September 22nd, 2016